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Rheumatic Disease Center

Exceeding 100 years of experience

Steven Bergquist, MD
Kurt Oelke, MD
John Albert, MD
Suhail Hameed, MD
Farrukh Pasha, MD
Jonathan Kushi, MD
Mary Cronin, MD
Jennifer L. Zastrow, PA-C
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Since its founding in 1972, the Rheumatic Disease Center (RDC) has grown from a partnership of two doctors, to a clinic of seven rheumatologists and one physician assistant. The RDC team utilizes over 100 years of practice experience and medical knowledge to provide the most innovative patient care available.





  • Over 100 years of combined experience


  • Oldest & largest rheumatology clinic in southeastern Wisconsin


  • Strives to provide the highest quality care


  • Considerate and compassionate patient care


  • A leader in clinical research


  • Infusion Therapy Clinic


Patient Testimonials
"I am greeted with a smile at every appointment."
"I never thought that I could get back to living my life, but my RDC doctor made that possible."
"RDC understands what I am going through and always listens to my needs."